Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Charlie Fowler
5 stars
With out a doubt I would recommend Mike to anyone, I was so nervous when I started driving but Mike was so welcoming, with most instructors I have heard they are strict and don't give constructive feedback but I find that with mike he will give you good points on a session and things to work on, I find it easy to speak to mike about things that I struggle with and he gives a clear demonstration to help me improve the technique, I have not finished all my lessons yet but I am so happy with the service and support from mike that there is no thought of changing instructors because mike is in my eyes the best instructor in Gloucestershire.

Lulu Stefano
5 stars
Best instructor in Cheltenham..he gave me a trust which i lost ... after 10 yrs without driving !

Rakeem Suarez Ledgister
5 stars
Would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending people to chose Mike as their driving instructor. I strongly encourage people to get in contact with Mike! For a long time I struggled to find an instructor who was able to offer lessons after 5.30pm and on the weekends. Luckily I was passed Mike details who does offer this and it was the best decision I ever made. Very professional and knowledgable. Always offers the best feedback and goes the extra mile to ensure you are learning and driving confidently! Has numerous online tools available to students to help with theory tests also. Amazing lesson structures that really do lead to constant progress being made every lesson. Thankful for all the support and it has been pleasure, Genuinely one of the nicest blokes I've met.